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As the exclusive Western Canadian Distributor for Alpha Technologies we were recently notified of their decision to discontinue production of the AlphaCell GXL battery line effective January 14, 2019.  We’re sharing this information with our valued customers and providing details for its direct replacement - the AlphaCell XTV battery line.

Based on Alpha’s recommendation we will now offer the AlphaCell 195 XTV battery (PN: 1810228) as a direct replacement for the 195 GXL battery (PN: 181-230-10). The AlphaCell 195 XTV batteries have the same 100 amp hour rating as the 195 GXL but with a slightly smaller footprint, have a longer shelf life and superior performance in colder climates. The 195 XTV battery is fully compatible with existing Alpha Battery Cable Kits, AlphaGuards and Remote Battery Monitoring System Plus - either of which are strongly recommended to be used with the 195 XTV. The XTV battery has been around for many years and is used in several applications including the FXM 350 Micro systems which we’ve sold and supported for a long time.

Interprovincial Traffic does have a small inventory of 195 GXL batteries and most will be used for existing orders on hand. Once depleted we’ll be switching over and provide the 195 XTV battery with all new orders. We will maintain sufficient inventory levels of the 195 XTV batteries and at this time we anticipate no change in cost. Any warranties with existing 195 GXL batteries are still valid and will be honoured. Please note warranty claims for a replacement of the 195 GXL may take a bit longer as Interprovincial Traffic will not have stock to pull from. Also a reminder not to mix the two battery types in the same battery string due to characteristic differences that will negatively impact performance.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the transition to the 195 XTV battery please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your continued business and helping position the Alpha brand as our industry’s leading choice for UPS systems for more than 15 years.

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